Cars and trucks…SUV’s and crossovers…we love ‘em all.  There are so many decisions to be made as to which to buy, what makes the most sense, and what’s going to be the perfect form of self-expression and image that we wish to project as we travel down life’s highway.

The decision as to which auto insurance to go with can be just as elaborate and daunting.  There are a lot of coverage options to consider from one company to another…and there are a lot of factors that go into determining the premium to be charged.

Do you want a policy that provides a Deductible Savings Benefit for remaining claims free each year?  This policy feature results in a credit being applied to your policy deductible for each policy term that you don’t have an accident.  We have a company that can do just that at no extra charge to you.

Or how about a policy that provides one of the largest Paid in Full discounts in the industry when paying the entire six-month premium in full each policy term?  We have a company that offers that.

Or a policy that offers the option of Accident & Minor Violation Forgiveness whereby one at fault accident and/or one minor traffic violation can be forgiven every three years…essentially preventing a surcharge of additional premium that typically accompanies such an incident?  Yep, we have a company that can do that too.

Have us shop your auto insurance across all of our available carrier options and develop a quote for policy coverage that’s going to meet your needs both in terms of competitive pricing and providing you with the best possible quality of coverage for your hard earned dollars.


When you have damage that occurs to your windshield only and, as a result, it becomes necessary to replace it with a new one, the Comprehensive coverage of the policy and the corresponding deductible that you’ve selected for that will apply to this type of claim.  For most insureds that means you’re likely to have to come up with $ 250, $ 500 or perhaps even $ 1,000 out of your own pocket before the insurance company will be obligated to pay anything towards that glass only claim.  For a nominal amount of additional premium to be charged, many insurance companies offer a Glass Coverage endorsement or rider that we’re likely to recommend.  By selecting this coverage option, you get a much lower deductible that will be applied to this increasingly common type of claim…in most cases it’s a deductible of either $ 50 or $ 0 to be charged to you.  As a result, the greater cost and burden of replacing your windshield will be placed on the insurance company and the amount expended by the insurer, in the incidence should you need it, will well more than offset the amount of additional premium charged to you for this coverage on each policy term.


This coverage option pays the difference between the vehicle’s Actual Cash Value (ACV) and the amount the insured owes a lender.  The coverage applies if the insured’s car is deemed a total loss or stolen and the vehicle has comprehensive and collision coverage.  Some companies limit the amount to be paid out to a defined percentage of the vehicle’s Actual Cash Value at the time of the loss…such as no more than 20-25% of the vehicle’s ACV.

Most auto insurance companies will only offer this coverage for new vehicle purchases.  We strongly recommend it if you’re placing a rather minimal down payment for your vehicle purchase and financing the purchase for 60-84 months.  In this instance, at some point and for some length of time during the finance contract period, you’re likely to be “upside down”…owing more for the automobile than it’s worth in terms of an insurance settlement subject to the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle at the time of the loss.  The premium charged for this policy endorsement on your auto insurance is typically much less than what they charge for comparable coverage by your bank or auto finance company should they offer it as an additional option to include in the finance contract.

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